Saturday, January 9, 2010


Today I've been searching the Internet trying to find out the status on Kirby Smart and UGA. Well I've been searching everywhere and I found a comment on David Pollack's Twitter saying "From what I am getting guys I think Georgia has made a very SMART choice on their next DC, nothing 100% but def looks good.”Remember guys I not saying this is 100%, but it looks to be the case. This was posted on David Pollack's Twitter he also said "From what I have gotten it is already a done deal. How does that make you feel Georgia fans? ".

If this is the case UGA I'm sure will get some of the recruits from Alabama that Smart was going after and this will be a big win for GA and a huge loss for the Alabama Crimson Tide. I also have seen on the Tuscaloosa News Report that Mark Richt has offered Kirby Smart and Is still undecided, but I'm about 90% sure He's coming home. Richt has not been in Athens today because of a recruiting trip, but according to David Pollack he as in Pollack was at the Butts-Mehre building in Athens when Kirby Smart was there and he and former Georgia DE Roderick Battle were having a conversation today on twitter about him talking to Smart and saying he thought he was a good fit and an intense guy, and Battle said " intense is always good".

You can go crazy GA fans! congratulations to the bulldog nation.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Kirby Smart, Texas Teach or Georgia?

last night ESPN broadcaster Brent Musberger said that Alabama Defensive coordinator Kirby Smart would be interviewing for the head coaching job at Texas Tech . yesterday I went to which is a very reliable source and said there was rumors of smart going to tech, but said that was not true. The rumors were made by a FM radio station in Texas 103.3 ESPN radio. However I do here rumors that smart is headed to Georgia where he and his wife attended college. The rumors are that Head coach Mark Richt reached a deal with smart, giving assistant head coaching responsibilities and 1.2 million a year.

also I hear that junior linebacker Rennie Curran will make his decision whether not to go pro after he talks to the new Georgia defensive coordinator.

Keep in mind Curran is listed at 5'11 and has a one year old daughter to support.